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So I happened to get some downtime during my various travels and in the spirit to encourage writing even if not directly working on my book I decided to take a moment to throw together this post.
Recently a friend of mine asked me to give some serious consideration to doing a class on glamour. I was originally quite surprised to receive the request because although I have spent time studying the subject matter and have it ingrained in my system I had some remaining doubts as to my ability to correctly represent and describe it. After a bit of discussion and some deep thought I finally decided that it would be worthwhile to attempt pursuing the class idea.

When it comes down to glamour it becomes very tricky to define. In part because it acts like many other pre-existing abilities but it remains separate from them. At very first glance glamour contains the qualities of projective empathy, constructs, and even certain aspects of telepathy. That's an awful lot of things to be "sort-of" similar to. I was forced to ask the question "why does this subject need an identification of its own?"

Through a good deal of review I've come up with at least a base idea of what glamour is and why it needs it's own classification. The first part of this was identifying what glamour is NOT. I took a side by side comparison to projective empathy for example as what makes them separate. For starters projective empathy tends to be limited to emotions or at best base concepts within a restricted projection area and or through pre-existing links. Glamour differs from this in that the projection is usually more tied to perception of the environment, up to an including manipulation of how that individual responds to the projection. Additionally one does not have to be within the projection range of the glamour to be affected by it, nor does the affected individuals need to be connected to the individual producing the glamour.

This is not to say that there is not a certain level of cross over. There are times that projective empathy can intersect with glamour and likewise back. However primarily glamour is an ability within its own right that directly or indirectly impacts perception. I do believe there are also many circumstances where the previously mentioned abilities are confused for glamour but are in fact not directly related.

My free time is up so time to go, but some food for thought on defining what is and is not glamour.
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