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I can't really do this review justice. There are a lot better writers out there, and in fact a lot deeper thinkers who have seen this movie and have all done reviews of some sort or another. I've even have the privledge to read a few of these pieces.

When it comes down to it though, I need to take at least a moment to express what I saw in this movie. This is not an in depth review so to say, not in the sense of story anyway. I am going to for the most part completely ignore the characters within the story and most other parts of it.

What I want you to do, is take 5 - 10 seocnds and close your eyes and think about earth if humans never existed. Imagine how many tree's there would be. How untouched the landscape would be. The fierceness of animals between each other, as well as the balance that each death brought life. 

That in a snapshot is the world of Pandora. Ignoring the context of the little blue kittehs and the like, it is it. The core to what makes this movie tic, and in reality I think the part that REALLY captures people. The thing that creates the emotional response of "OMG WANT". It is a longing for this unsullied, undamaged world.

Going deeper into the analysis you can create analogs between the kitteh people(as I can't spell their group unfortunately) and humans. Both at heart are tribal in nature. Both share a connection to the planet they live on. The only difference is that Avatar provides the movie magic to make the connections that are ever present and real, to simply be obvious to those who have not paid attention to them.

Most importantly I think that the longing, the sense of loss after the movie ends. The desire to BE at pandora, to experience the things of the movie. To stay there. These are all factors our own longing to return to a simpler way, yet feeling powerless and stuck where we are. 

Even more so we sympathize so much with what is happening in the story in part because we are the invading culture. Even worse we barely often notice it, and then wonder why we feel so disconnected and lost. When was the last time that any of us truly smelled, saw, tasted, felt the world? Who has taken time to FEEL the world? In my opinion extremely few. Added to this our culture actively pursue's making us disregard our senses for other information that has been processed.

There are further thoughts i had on this, about interconnectivity, but I am unfortunately very quite tired at this moment. As a parting thought though, I think one of the worst things our culture currently has is our attempts at secrecy. Even more so the fact that its neccesary to survive right now. We all are wired to be open, social creatures in our own way, yet there is no option to follow the nature of the body/mind/spirit. 

One last reminder. Pandora IS earth. Try to see it, think about it. Try to see the parrelllel. I am absolutely convinced and certain that it is there.

On that note I must go collapse. Good night

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Well damn, things have definitely been pretty interesting so far.

For those who don't know [ profile] flying_xandi  is the girl I've been spending so much time with. And well.... yeah she rocks my socks off.  I guess it would be fair to say I am officially smitten as hell. As a plus things seem to be turning out really well with her and I am very interested to see where things go.

Granted my sleep schedule has been a bit wonky as of late, but it is sooo freaking worth it lol.

*Coffee Zombie*

um.... still way early in the morning. But you know I am glad I have a job at least lol, especially one that I can get away with posting online *snerk*.

Speaking of which I should probably get back to work. I must say though for the record I <3 this girl something crazy hehe.

*Smitten Lexie faerie thingymabab runs off*


Side note: It should also be mentioned on a downside my mom was recently admitted to the hospital due to her electrolytes dropping out. Fortunately they have her stabilized and recovering. She might be released some time today depending on how things go.
I love you mom, feel better


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