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Alright so I am going to put a disclaimer on this little post. For those of you who do not want to read about my sex life, or my reviews involving things with it. Do NOT read this post. I could care less if you do, but if you choose to, don't come running to me because it made you uncomfy.

That happiness aside, for all those who want to know a snipet of a new addition to my sex life, read ahead.

Recently I've been wanting to expand my collection of sex toy's. As I've mentioned before though I've been trying to save up money for multiple things including a cross country tour. This puts quite a cramp on my budget for new fun things.

However there comes a point when if your sex toys end up causing you more trouble then pleasure something has to change.

Earlier today after work I decided that I was fed up with my current toy selection and that I needed to at the very least replace my lube(was previously ID Lube Millenium) and my vibrator(generic $10 waterproof bullet-ish size vibe. I think G-spot brand). Quite frankly although these two have served me well in the past I felt that they really just weren't up to good sex standards.

The Vibe itself was prone to falling apart and recently had started wearing out and only worked at certain on/off points. Adding to the frustration of these previous points it was loud, a battery hog, and pretty rough on the skin. As if all those weren't bad enough it was a fixed speed too, which for those who want a bit of build up with their vibes(ie.... myself) then it got old quick. Needless to say I think you can see why I needed to replace it.

Next up was my lube. ID Millenium is a fine lube if your not going to do anything internal. It taste horrible if you do anything oral with it, and if I tried to use it for anything anal it was always unpleasant and burned. Quite frankly it is a poorly balanced formula and am rather tired of it. I've been wanting to experiment with some more anal stuff for myself, and possibly break out the strap on some time, so having a proper lube is going to be essential to me enjoying the experience.

This brings us to..... dun dun dun The Winners!

So here we get to the nitty gritty of the new toys I picked up. First of all a little bit of plugging(seriously no pun) the new stuff.

First up is my new favorite vibe evar! (and yes mispelled emphasis and parenthesis is needed, its just that amazing. )

Here is the site for the maker of the Vibe. They're called Evolved, and they rock my world and my insides. This is the specific model that I picked up. It ran me about $35 dollars after all was said and done. However I could not give this vibe a higher review. It was worth every single cent and quite frankly I think it's worth a lot more. I am just glad such a high quality toy is so affordable.

I've seen vibes that cost 3x this price and were a quarter of the quality. I am amazed still because this toy stands up to every single one of their claims on the site. I could write an entire article on this vibe alone with how pleased I am with it. To save space though I'll summarize. It was quiet, variable(started out plenty low and had a really nice high intensity top), easy on the battery life(as far as I can tell so far), very super water proof, very nicely shaped, great texture, and doesn't fall apart in you!

So for all my friends looking for a Vibe or even just a really good dong, for fucks sake buy this brand cause sweet jesus it's good!

And next up is..... *drum roll*


Ok people here is the skinny on the new lube. This is the website for the new lube. Specifically this is the specific lube that I picked up. This one is super affordable at $12 for a 4oz bottle. Believe me when I say that a 4oz bottle is going to last you at least a few months. Once again I can find nothing wrong to say about this product. Just about the only regret I have is I wish that I could have gotten a larger bottle size instead(they were sold out of the larger sizes).

So here is why this stuff rocks out. First of all it's water based and is relatively eco-friendly compared to most lubes. This win's some major kudos in my book, but quite frankly this stuff rocks out for a lot more then just that. If your at all into doing oral during various activities you'll know that most lubes unless flavored taste like utter shit. Adding into this most flavored lubes can't be used with anything else because they are sugared. This is a problem.

Not with these guys! This fucking lube taste fantastic and is sugar free. I was rather quite floored when I tested this. It's a mixture of a few flavors but if I had to describe it I would say its a bit fruity with a pleasant sweetness. Along with this every advertised claim on this stuff lines up dead on. It's non-tacky to boot so even when it dries up it still feels fantastic (unlike some of my experiences with say ID lube).

These two together I have to say gave a fantastic experience and really overall are great design's and application of products done right.

So do yourselves and your partners a favor. Try these out if you ever get the chance.

/sex rant

Hope you all enjoyed ^_~

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