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EDIT: Gah... the list just keeps growing >_>

Well this is primarily to serve as a reference to myself.

I went riding today for a little bit and ended up messing up practicing tight curves. (think figure 8's) I didn't drop the bike but I did end up jaming my shoulder pretty good. So I ended up calling it a day a bit earlier than I normally do. Did only about half an hour of riding instead of my hour-2 hours I've been doing.

I decided that I wanted to spend some time taking a look at the health of my bike and see what needs to be done so far and what can be done to clean things up.

I have to say I definitely have my work cut out for me. So far this is my upcoming todo list:

*change oil
*change oil filter
*change fuel filter
*remove fuel tank and finish current inspection  (my list will probably double in size after this part)
*replace a decent a couple lines that are showing wear or have paint on them
*reroute carburator hoses and electrical wiring(one of the last owners wired things according to "well this sorta fits" instead of the manufacture design)
*probably replace chain, or at the very least relube
*remove road gunk from massive amounts of the frame and block and probably relube
*relube cluch cable
*check(possibly replace) air filter
*check(possibly replace) spark plugs

somewhere in here I want to eventually also replace the majority of the plastic on my bike as the person who did the old paint job really FUBARed some of the plastic when it comes to where things snap in. So far it doesn't look like the bike as been laid down, or if it was it didn't bend the frame. This is promising. Oh and although the color is fantastic the quality is poor and it looks like they never sanded things down or properly buffed the paint after.

Fairing parts to replace or need work:
replace Rear left fairing (improper installation damage)
replace Rear Right Fairing (improper installation damage)
Paint and install Lower Fairing
Replace upper fairing (looks like someone crunched the fairing at some point)

Someone did not love my bike as much as I love it, this makes me sad.

So anyway, I unfortunately wasn't able to catch the bike mechanics class that is local to here. I'm definitely going to bug some of my mech. savy friends as I visit them through the country, but is there anyone local here that wants to help me work on my bike?

I am just very glad that this is work that needs to be done on a bike and not a car. I get the feeling that parts are going to be a lot more affordable then otherwise would be. Also the majority of the current work that needs to be done isn't part replacement but mostly going through and cleaning things up.

Well thats all for now.

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