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So I've been reading a bit too much Cory Doctorow recently. In part though its rather inspired me to get back into blogging. In part this has been a tool for me to document my own life. I think though more and more I have been restricting what I blog about. The idea's I have and overall the content itself to improve my political correctness.

If I really think about it, and it really doesn't take that much thought. It easy to realize that my blog has never been politically correct or sterile. In all reality if I keep choosing to lock up my blog and never post except in the rarest circumstance, it will be a mere fragment of my life. Quite frankly I don't want that to by my record. Let alone that this is does no justice to the ideas which I hold.

By the way for those who are feeling quirky, or at least interested in what I've been reading as of late check out the following.

The Abolition of Work (there is an article coming up on this one)

Check out the free downloads for the next 2 books too. Creative Commons FTW
Down and Out in The Magic Kingdom, By Cory Doctorow
Makers, By Cory Doctorow (this is the one I am on right now)

I am giving some serious thought to the possibility of some combination of either a capitalist mixture of a gift economy, or at the very least a way of restructuring the work process. But that will come up later.

Catch you all later

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COry Doctorow posted about my meetup <> ^_^


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