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*****DISCLAIMER*******I would like to draw a line of difference in the sand before I continue with this article. When I am referring to predatory 'kin types, I am talking about those who are identified as say jaguars, or a type of creature that stalked/hunted for its food. What I am NOT talking about are those who purposefully hurt others or subjugate others. There unfortunately may occasionally be some overlap as occurs in any community and those who hurt others, but I consider these two explicitly separate groups and will only be addressing predatory kin types within this article. *****DISCLAIMER*******

Today I want to talk about a topic I haven't seen addressed very much among the otherkin communities. I've seen it discussed briefly in some places but the conversation is usually either brought off topic or is shut down for being too risque. Mostly due to unfortunate miscommunications or differing definitions.

Take this scenario, your walking down the street, just coming from lunch. The meal was nice but energetically your in need and haven't fed in long enough to feel quite famished. The area around you is moderately populated. Today has been a bit tricky and it's taking focus to keep in a human mindset. Someone walks out in front of you a few meters away, walking away from you. Their energy is a match, you can tell from the traces in the air that it would be delicious. The person starts acting a bit spooked and they're giving off just a faint air of fear. Maybe they even start walking away just a little bit faster. Suddenly there is practically a meal in front of you. There is the taste of what it would be like to bite in, your mouth starts watering, your claws and teeth might start feeling a lot more present, your legs start feeling twitchy and ready to sprint, and all you want is to chase down your prey and feel your teeth and claws sinking into flesh and rending, to eat that sustenance you need. Queue a few deep breaths, shielding/grounding, and a few minuscule twitches of muscle with the effort to not sprint or show this wave of feelings. Then we're back to walking down the street, no one the wiser for this wave except for maybe a vague sense of unease in the other person.

This may seem like a disturbing story for some, but quite frankly it is a day in the life for some 'kin types that are predatory / underfed. This topic is important to talk about because these feelings can become very strong, and creating healthy coping mechanisms are essential for proper integration into society and saving these people a decent amount of pain/discomfort.

Unfortunately no single coping mechanism can be applied for all individuals, but there are certain general steps that can be taken to help face this and work out specific coping mechanisms. Below are a few basic steps that people who are struggling with these issues can take to help manage these feelings.

!) Most importantly if you are feeling out of control or that you may pose a danger to others, seek professional help immediately. Therapists are trained on how to assist and guide people in difficult or complex emotional states. Preferably find one that you feel comfortable being honest and open with about the emotions that your feeling. Pluses are professionals who have experience in the spiritual or issues with otherkin.

1) Relaxation/Release - Throughout these experiences keeping control in public space is extremely important. As part of this a step you can take is to learn self soothing techniques for when you've become agitated or heavily shifted. There are multiple different ways of going about this, and the specifics aren't so much important than the end goal. Some example things you can practice to help come down from an agitated state:

a) Meditation
b) Breathing Practices
b) Yoga
c) Running
d) Just about any exercise that involves exertion/concentration

There are countless other possibilities for what you can do to help come down from the state, but those are just a few basics.

2) Grounding/Center - It's going to be important to understand various energy work basics when dealing with these things. Part of this is going to be being able to ground out excess energy and maintain a sense of center when things flair up strongly. I don't think this section will be appropriate for explaining the details of how to do grounding/centering, but I'll be writing an article specifically on those practices.

3) Self Analysis - Take time to start learning what it is that triggers you, what it is that you need, and also what the drives specifically feel like for you. This leads up to ...

4) Energetic Need - if one of your triggers is being underfed or have other energetic needs not being met then your going to need to take time to understand what it is that you need and how it can be met. This can be a tricky process and it can sometimes take people years if not decades to figure out because energetic need can be dynamic and change over time.

5) Expression Time - This particular point is something that has taken me quite a while to start figuring out and is still rather tricky. Quite simply certain 'kin can experience detriment or degradation over time if they don't give themselves time to shift or express their kin type. Some have described the experience of waiting too long akin to having the color of the world fade out around them, others tend to experience malaise or other symptoms. Another common one is the individual will start experiencing overall destabilization in their energy and emotion. The process of expression is something that should be considered especially important for those who have to maintain a solid face of humanity in day to day life. Unfortunately the process of expression is unique to each individual and is difficult to generalize. A few ideas of safe environments to start you off:

a) If your the stalking 'kin type an example idea would be laser tag. Also if your morals line up with it don't rule out taking up hunting if its a legal option in your state.

b) Some expressions can be done with an individual that you trust. Such as chasing frisbee's, balls, chew toys, etc.

c) It doesn't allow as much of an energetic release but certain video games can work for some.

d) Various forms of Martial Arts.

e) In some situations negotiated play acting/role play with someone can be an acceptable release. Be sure to keep it safe/sane/consensual.

You will likely find other methods that are much more suited to you. These are only meant to help start the brain storming process.

In summary being a predatory 'kin type in todays society can be very difficult. Especially as today's society can be rather restrictive feeling and not provide many healthy outlets for these feelings and drives. I hope that some of these ideas have helped provide you with some ideas to manage your own drives if your a predatory 'kin type, or if your a friend of someone who is a predatory 'kin type that it helps you understand their behavior or reactions to some things.

Please feel free to leave feedback on any additions you would have liked to see in this article or any questions you have about the content matter.


Date: 2012-09-17 11:08 pm (UTC)
arethinn: root-haired wood faerie (otherkin (rootmeg))
From: [personal profile] arethinn
I've seen it discussed briefly in some places but the conversation is usually [...] shut down for being too risque. Mostly due to unfortunate miscommunications or differing definitions.

Interesting. Back in the day when pretty much all otherkin culture was on mailing lists, this niche was filled by KinFrontiers, which was the "advanced" list in a trio and explicitly stated to be a place where blood-and-guts or morally sensitive topics could be discussed away from the tender ears of those who might be disturbed by them (among other purposes). Interesting to see that this is still an issue/need. Everything old is new again, I guess? It's sad in a way that there is no one service or format that otherkin congregate on these days, because it means it's hard to funnel people to the right places for their interests. (KinFrontiers itself became a much more general otherkin list after there came a time there wasn't enough traffic to support the trio anymore, and really most of the mailing lists are dead these days anyways.)

(sorry for all the edits, ha)

re: Expression time - yes. Never mind being a predatory animal; as fae I find this to be true as well. It's been a long time since I was in anything like a healthy emotional state and I attribute it at least in part to years of lack of sufficient "expression time".
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