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What inspired you to move to DW?
Honestly I felt that I had too much baggage with my old Journal. I often got lost in trying to read all the friend lists and also not offend people with what writings I did. That caution led to me being less willing to actually followup with writing and just get it done. Not to mention I wanted to move away from my old identity online and create and follow something that was more of a reflection of who I am today.

Why did you choose the name "child_of_the_fae?"
In part I felt that this would give me a new alias that I have not used before. Additionally I have always identified with the concept of being the offspring and descendants of energies we are a part of. This includes dealings with fae, deity, and many other things. I have even gone so far as to call a follower of a deity as the child of that deity at times. Especially if that individual feels to me that they have deeply embraced the energy and meaning behind that deity.

With all that in mind is seemed only a natural progression to identify and follow through with embracing my identity and kinship with the fae.

What do you mean exactly when you say "the Fae?"
I am referring to a collective of entities and spirits that are commonly referred to as various types of faeries. This includes sidhe, goblins, sprites, pixies, hobgoblins, bogarts, brownies, and many many more. I refer to them as a species as someone would refer to humanity as a species, but with separates races within. I view it as an extremely dynamic and complex ecosystem and could not cover all of them if I tried. What I will say is that I view myself as an extension of the fae as one who has the spirit of the fae within.

Are you planning on posting regularly then?
I am intending on attempting to post on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. If I happen to get particularly energetic I might write more, but I want to focus on my book primarily and use this blog as a space to conjecture, rant, rave, and overall share ideas to people I find interesting.

I think that summarizes some of my core thoughts for now and I intend to follow up with more later.

Date: 2011-10-21 09:58 pm (UTC)
househesson: (Kay - Sims)
From: [personal profile] househesson
Yay, regular posts!

I don't remember you mentioning this book before. What is it about?


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