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Well I certainly suck at this whole regular update thing. So far I'm looking at updating every 2 weeks. I guess it's better than the months in between post that I was doing.

Well either way things are going well for me.

There was a period of time where work was going very poorly and each day was a struggle. However after making some modifications to my shields and acclimating to the work environment I am doing a lot better.

Next big thing I want to mention is that I am going to be doing a series of psychic readings for an upcoming fair.

I'll be there on the 14th, 21st, and 28th. All those interested in having me do their readings, come on by. I am going to be charging $30 a reading.  Depending on how things go with the readings I may sign up to do a good chunk of the rest of the weekends. My hope is that I can get good enough at doing these that I can get into traveling around doing them and make enough to support myself, We'll see how that goes :).

Other then that its looking that I may be able to afford going to worldcon with K doing readings at the con itself in sort of a vending room set up. But that is still rather tenative, but would be nice to get to see her.  I feel sad that see is so far away as I would really love to spend more time with her. I am hoping in time things can go in a direction that are more supportive for her.

There's also two new faces that I've taken interest in as of late. Rys and Shiny(not to be confused with my roommate who was formerly known as Shiny to a group of my friends). Rys and Shiny both have sort of snuck in when I wasn't expecting it and we'll see where things go. So far I get to see Rys a decent amount which is nice. I hadn't really expected things to go the direction they are but at the same time not really going to complain for the companionship.

And well Shiny is just a pretty all around Shiny girl ^_~. She unfortunately lives a bit further away then being able to visit without a bit of decent planning, but both her and her S/O definitely have my interest.

For now that's it. I am going to finish getting ready for the evening and hopefully get a decent amount of rest tonight.
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Well here I am sitting in my living room eating a bowl of fruit and reflecting on everything that has happened in the past few days.

For those of you not following me on facebook or twitter I reached the event safely and returned ok.

The sheer number of everything that happened has been rather overhwelming in the best way. Although unfortunately it makes it a bit difficult to summarize properly. So as has been my style with conventions and events where too much has happened to capture it all I am going to try to put together some of the key points.

I am going to go ahead and start this off with my accomplishments that I managed this Gather:

*I didn't explode, not only this, but I actually managed to stay in a semblance of shielded and grounded and maintain my ability to be aware of those around me.  This is certainly not finished, but it is by far the best I've done in this ever.

*Connecting to the above post, as a result of being grounded and in control of my senses to a degree I was able to minimize my awkward social accidents. This once again was a monumental change from the past.

*I got cuddles, and not just a little cuddles, but oh my holy god where did all the people come from type cuddles. And it was something that was a near constant whenever I wanted them. In connection to this I seem to have had a hand in them manifesting somehow, but this will take time to experiment with and understand on a more in depth level.

*there are many other points but really I the core of it is I've made a lot of progress energenically and I am happy about this.

Now onto points about the Gather as a whole:
*Consuite was FTW. Seriously there is this girl who is a member of HK who was head of making it into something awesome. Someone give her major props cause she kicked ass this year. I was really happy about it.

*The scheduling was really well done as well. All those involved, y'all kicked ass.

*I have to say I was really impressed with how peaceful this Gather was. Everyone got along really well and as a general rule there was a minimum of drama. Quite amazing.

*The hotel has only gotten better as a pick for the Gather and they're extremely welcoming to everyone and not even reacting to the variety of individuals who attended.


I am going to have to cut this post a bit short as I need to get running to the club. However there will be another post coming up with highlight stories. Thanks to all those of you who were there and made this amazing, and those who wanted to be but couldn't make it you were definitely missed and hope to see you next year :).
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Well I figured I ought to get another post out on here before I head out on my trip.

For those who don't know I am going to be going to the House Kheperu open house (AKA: Gather). I have to say I am rather looking forward to a trip. There are a number of those who I consider some of my closest friends who attend and it will be very nice to see them.

I'll be traveling with [personal profile] sable_twilight  with me driving. For those who are wanting to attend and want to carpool or haven't made arrangements let me know. I can take up to 2 more people down with me. I have a rather nice sized trunk so it shouldn't be too cramped either.

I think that covers things pretty well when it comes to the Gather.

For those following the whole thing with K, things are going well :). Not a ton of details, just a lot more stabilized in my emotions for her, and feeling more balanced overall. Though I must stay I am still rather quite head over heels for her.

One final note for the sake of record. I am going to be getting trained in motorcycle riding and getting my endorsement in July. I am also trying to gather gear and also want to get my hands on a bike. Any of you out there got some spare armor/bike/etc?

Well anyway I going to get back to work :)
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Written 05-09-09

I am currently in the car heading down to Indianna so I unfortunately have no decent net connection to post this. However since I am not the driver right now I figured that I would put in an update and go ahead and post this in.


It's kind of crazy this is the most often that I've posted in months. I wonder if I'll be able to keep up this pace... Maybe it's a sign of the changing season, or just a change of my mood. Hard to tell really.


A friend of mine recently reintroduced me to the sword of truth series. I read it back in high school and absolutely loved the entire series (even if the characters came across as a lttle 2d sometimes). I simply loved how they approach the concept of magic and in general the themes in the story itself. If anyone happens to have a spare copy of the books let me know cause I am looking heh.


K is still in my thoughts a lot right now. I wonder how she is and what kind of things she has seen. Theres a lot I wonder about with her really. I haven't really gotten to talk to her much as I would like but she needs her space. It still leaves me stunned how quickly I care for her, It feels right though, and really thats good enough for me. <3


I wish I wasn't so insecure and scared sometimes. It would be nice to be able to trust that things will work out however they're supposed to and leave it at that.


As a complete tangent my nose ring is -almost- ready to be swapped out. I can feel that its a good amount healed up. It will probably need another week or two to be in good enough shape. I am doing my best to try to just keep patient about it all.


I think I need to go ahead and bring this post to a close. Need to save a bit of battery just in case I need it.




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Well this has certianly been one hell of a long week.

I've found myself having little ambition or energy to do much at work so it mostly has dragged on with a merciless grind.

Obsessive whiny sappyness below. Approach at your own risk )

I guess what it can be boiled down to is "I care". I feel like I have little outlet for it. but I do, very very much I care.

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While I was at Penguicon I met many people and made a lot of new friends. However while I was there I happened to meet a new girl who particularly struck my fancy. For now we'll just call her "K".

 I occasionally come across individuals who light a spark in me. You could even take a bit of analogy from girl genius on that one if your feeling particularly geeky. They light me on fire, like a torch and I burn. They end up touching my life in such a way to have a profound impact for one reason or another, even if its for the briefest of moments. K is one of those people that just happened to hit me to my core.

I've been feeling the itch of creativity again. That lingering sting and tingle that won't go away till I channel it, funnel it, form and birth it. I find that I am struggling with this muse though. I fight ever so strongly to control it. It is like this raging torrent that I shut down and dam up lest I be taken in by the flood.

I feel my dam breaking, its falling apart as I chizel at its foundation. I am scared of my own creativity but I am even more scared of letting it die away from never letting it see the world. I am fighting my old habits because I ever feel the edge of something amazing that I never quite touch.

I want to say so many things, and they all get lost in the static around me and in me. I am ending up writing a piece of dilute poetry instead of a discourse on the functions of my mind.

For now what I am trying to say in a nutshell.  K is special, she touched my heart, my creativity is starting to flow again from that and I am making a point to not fight it this time.

Thats all for now

Clockwork dreams fall into disrepair while the fluid ones flow into life itself.
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Ok everyone, after enough complaints I'll stop with the twitter feeds. :P y'all are meanie-heads Mostly because you do have good points on why not to do it.

So life has been rather crazy as of late. As many of you know Penguicon 7.0 was this past weekend. I would be doing the experience I had a substantial injustice to say that it was simply amazing.

I had the opportunity to visit with countless friends who I am close with and had the opportunity to meet some rather fantastic new ones.

As a plug for someones work who I have to say I am rather fond of right now I bought a rather fantastic necklace from her and you should all check out her work. Right now her stock isn't up from being up at Penguicon, but there will be more soon.

I'll be honest that I don't have the energy or gumption to even attempt to document every single thing that happened. However for what it is worth I will give you some quick snapshots of some of the things that this weekend contained.

*Awkward social momments
*Seducing and being completly seduced
*From the time of walking in the door being pounced by people throughout the entire Con past the ending
*Over 4 spontaneous contortion acts, dozens of pictures and at least half a dozen of pictures(It will be miraculous if I actually see any of them)
*Amazing massages
*Steampunk assimilation

and plenty of other amazing things.

For now I am utterly exhausted so this post is coming to an end. If I find any good media of me later on I'll certainly post them up.



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  • 11:44 This con was super awesome crazy fun :) #

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  • 17:53 off to penguicon *squee-* #
  • 20:42 At penguicon and oh dear lord this will be a trip. This is huge even for me! O_O #
  • 14:01 I have been assimilated by the steampunk. #
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  • 19:50 Come on body seriously? When did garlic stop being our friend??! #
  • 10:32 Chai tea is my friend #
  • 11:47 Wayyy too much energy today.. And it's not the caffiene lol #
  • 14:53 Hoping a delivery showed up that I'm waiting on >_> #
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Apr. 30th, 2009 08:44 pm
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Well i am feeling exceptionally sappy/romantic/etc so I am subjecting my F-list to this.

<3 and stuff


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  • 23:05 Oh god.... I tried second life... It's like crack... I'm so screwed #
  • 11:41 *yawn.. Stretch..* today just seems to be dragging out.. >_> #
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  • 22:26 sore + tired + contortion training = *flop* ZzzzZZZzzz #
  • 08:41 Just can't seem to get into the work mindset today #
  • 09:13 Most unproductive day evar... Just can't seem to get motivated today #
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  • 17:53 I think I finally have the f-off rockergirl look going for me lol #
  • 20:20 Getting ready for a night of various debouchery and hopefully even a snack or two >_> #
  • 21:32 Omg cherry trees <3! #
  • 21:40 At club now... <insert sadistic and mischievous/etc phrase> ^_^ #
  • 21:54 I <3 blacklight #
  • 23:24 Sometimes I find beautiful creatures lost to themselves and there is little I can do but move on #
  • 02:28 Faeries although Shiney are not good with ketchup #
  • 09:33 Over 20,000 steps yesterday... Yeah just a lil sore. Oh and note2self, don't get attached 2 club girls. It makes you look frumpy #
  • 09:38 One more note to self. Get some f-ing tact and subtlety. K thx #
  • 16:10 Free at last free at last, now to go hope they fixed my screen in my room at home #
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  • 00:04 Training went well today. Plenty of other crappy stuff went on though. Can tomorrow not suck? K thx bai #
  • 06:45 One thing about hair extensions, they do awesome things for my getting ready in the morning time #
  • 08:11 Well I do believe I am finally done hibernating for the year lol. #
  • 08:30 Every now and then I get reminders that things could be a lot worse... Such as someone getting hit by a bus #
  • 10:47 @liannanshith nyah nyah it 80 here today. Warm is ftw ^_~ #
  • 15:32 Oh my god.. So f-ing tired. Almost time to go to bed. #
  • 15:33 LOL more tired than I thought, meant to say get out of work >_> #
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  • 18:29 tis shower time, oh and better WoW was from new WINE not new Ubuntu. Either way it runs nicely #
  • 20:48 I am Jills crushed sense of enthusiasm #
  • 22:04 Feeling less melodramaic now, though kind of meh #
  • 14:16 Getting ready for my day, not much to say for now #
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  • 20:46 Well work tired me the hell out, at my parents house doing laundry now #
  • 23:35 Tired and finally heading home from laundry #
  • 12:48 @househesson Aww whats wrong hun? *snerks and runs away wildly before getting cut* #
  • 15:14 Finally got WoW up and running on linux. New Ubuntu distro runs smooth with it. #
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  • 17:19 LOL hair in progress #
  • 17:20 @meirya aww... Super sad :( #
  • 19:20 Hair in production ^_~ #
  • 22:28 Mostly finished product not styled all the way #
  • 07:40 First day at work with new hair... Lolz should be interesting #
  • 08:41 Lmao work definitely interesting so far, though my boss likes it *giggle* #
  • 14:02 Yep hair is definitely a keeper LOL, it's been years since I've turned this many head *attention whore glee* #
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  • 17:07 @mizsyn you have a very good point. ^_^ #
  • 19:05 I am feeling really oversensitive and semi-raw today, not even entirely sure way, super grateful for good shielding on my room #
  • 20:35 I just picked up some amazing sheets, O_O #
  • 11:20 @liannanshith satin and oh so nice #
  • 11:22 5 hours till I get amazing hair... I am feigning patience so they don't lock me up .... #
  • 11:28 Wow Twitter.. Your really that tech savy?I'm going here for my news frm now on. Btw peeps ubuntu 9.04 officially out. Servers bogged to hell #
  • 13:18 3 hours and counting till hair app, oh and lunch was nummy #
  • 16:07 Off to my hair app. Pictures soon #
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Performing -TODAY- @215 N Capitol Ave Lansing, MI 48933. $7 normal, $5 students. It will be awesome. Hope to see you there



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