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Goodness me, a lot has happened since I last posted an update. I have to wonder if I can manage to hook up a shock collar to a timer when I go so long after not posting.

For starters a little bit after my last post I managed to get my bike for the most part road worthy and working well. However the immediate day after I finished maintenance I wrecked the poor girl. Fortunately I didn't need hospital time(though I probably chipped a bone or two) and the bike is in repairable condition.  I also ended up with a chunk of road rash and plenty of bruises, but in the scheme of things I came out with very little damage.

The quick version of it is I let the clutch out too quickly at a stop when it was raining and dark out and lost traction on some bad pavement. I lost traction and met the pavement a couple times over the course of getting my bike off the road as she wasn't ridable after.

Either way I am hoping to fix her up soon and get riding soon, but all in time.

So off from the topic of the bike. Things with Chrystal have been going rather well. We've been doing rather well for each other and all in all I am in a rather happy place with the relationship. As a a random excerpt, she recently brought me some roses for no reason except just cause, completely out of the blue. I have to admit I probably teared up a little ;), it was rather quite sweet.

On the topic of my trip, I've been preparing as best I can for everything. Money is still rather tight in trying to get ready but its getting better bit by bit. I am still at my job working as a sys admin as Chrystal talked me into staying there through september. It's been both exciting but also stressful getting ready for everything. In reality though Is till feel like this trip is something that is essential as a thing that needs to happen in my life. Even if it is scary as all crapola.

I am still taking request for people who want me to visit while I'm on my way. Unfortunately it's looking like I will probably have to cut the canadian portion of my trip (sorry you guys, I don't have time to rush in a passport it looks like). However things are planned so far for NYC, NJ, MA, GA, FL, and possibly NC. Depending on how things go in Florida I may reroute the trip some time november-decemberish and also drop by and visit the west coast. So Don't assume that just cause your far away I can't visit :).

I've been having some thoughts recently about what contortion is doing in my life, and how much benefit and how much harm it is doing to me. I am also reaching a point that although I love doing performance, I have doubts on how well I would be able to consistently produce my own work and keep things fresh and exciting. I am much more suited to choosing a specific act or skill and working it through to a refined state.

Part of the meanderings of my mind have been that I know that I can't do performance forever, that eventually my body will either break, burn out, or simply for that matter become too old to be aesthetically pleasing in that role. I've been considering and even dabbled a bit into supporting myself with my skills as a psychic. I had some decent results with doing my readings, but I also want to get involved in possibly doing more energy work for people like cleansing area's and healing work. Problem is that gets into a touchy area of asking money for said skills, which overall tends to be frowned on as a practice. Not to mention I am a bit lost on where to even start building a clientelle.

For now though there doesn't seem to be any definite answers. But it will certainly be an adventure for it all to unfurl.

I should also mention that I am going to try posting more pictures up here over time, but we'll see how that goes. For now though I am going to get my ass to bed.

Goodnight everyone
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EDIT: Gah... the list just keeps growing >_>

Well this is primarily to serve as a reference to myself.

I went riding today for a little bit and ended up messing up practicing tight curves. (think figure 8's) I didn't drop the bike but I did end up jaming my shoulder pretty good. So I ended up calling it a day a bit earlier than I normally do. Did only about half an hour of riding instead of my hour-2 hours I've been doing.

I decided that I wanted to spend some time taking a look at the health of my bike and see what needs to be done so far and what can be done to clean things up.

I have to say I definitely have my work cut out for me. So far this is my upcoming todo list:

*change oil
*change oil filter
*change fuel filter
*remove fuel tank and finish current inspection  (my list will probably double in size after this part)
*replace a decent a couple lines that are showing wear or have paint on them
*reroute carburator hoses and electrical wiring(one of the last owners wired things according to "well this sorta fits" instead of the manufacture design)
*probably replace chain, or at the very least relube
*remove road gunk from massive amounts of the frame and block and probably relube
*relube cluch cable
*check(possibly replace) air filter
*check(possibly replace) spark plugs

somewhere in here I want to eventually also replace the majority of the plastic on my bike as the person who did the old paint job really FUBARed some of the plastic when it comes to where things snap in. So far it doesn't look like the bike as been laid down, or if it was it didn't bend the frame. This is promising. Oh and although the color is fantastic the quality is poor and it looks like they never sanded things down or properly buffed the paint after.

Fairing parts to replace or need work:
replace Rear left fairing (improper installation damage)
replace Rear Right Fairing (improper installation damage)
Paint and install Lower Fairing
Replace upper fairing (looks like someone crunched the fairing at some point)

Someone did not love my bike as much as I love it, this makes me sad.

So anyway, I unfortunately wasn't able to catch the bike mechanics class that is local to here. I'm definitely going to bug some of my mech. savy friends as I visit them through the country, but is there anyone local here that wants to help me work on my bike?

I am just very glad that this is work that needs to be done on a bike and not a car. I get the feeling that parts are going to be a lot more affordable then otherwise would be. Also the majority of the current work that needs to be done isn't part replacement but mostly going through and cleaning things up.

Well thats all for now.

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I've gone through a lot of crazy these in my life. I mean truly honestly batshit "what the hell" type experiences. I've lost an older sibling at age six walking in on him being dead. I've been in a house raid with AK-47's and AR's all over the place. I've been in a number of serious car crashes without a scratch. I went to nearly as many high schools as years in high school. I have traveled tens of thousands of miles in my life. I have performed on stage, and I've even transcended the lines between gender to follow what I feel was the right route for me.

In all these experiences, of all these crazy things that usually should only occur in books or television I've found that the most exciting and envigorating thing I've come across yet is riding motorcycle. It is truly unique and also probably one of the hardest and scariest things I've ever undertaken. It is sometimes said that no sane man or woman would EVER decide to ride a motorcycle and continue to do it. In all honesty I believe that this is an accurate statement. The choice to ride a motorcycle is -not- a logical one no matter how one defends it.

Yet here I feel a calling to ride one. There is an inherently emotional factor to it. It is extremely dangerous though, regardless of emotional attachment. Thousands of people die every year on a motorcycle, either due to intoxication, error, or otherwise some sort of factor. Getting on a motorcycle and truly being aware of the risk means being aware that you are risking your life.

As I've said though, riding a motorcycle has been one of the most strongly impacting factors on my life to date. It routed a discipline in me that I've very rarely exercised on anything else. I can count the number of times on one hand that I have willingly sat down and studied a piece of literature with everything I had to make sure I assimilated it all. It calls me from being so recluse in my current living arrangement and to step outside and reconnect with nature. It has even been a social equalizer and has made tremendous bounds in balancing my social anxiety and feelings in regards to that. When you have ridden at 45MPH with only a few inches to spare between yourself and the ground, it really puts in perspective the world we live in.  

I've heard stories of people going into the armed forces and being transformed by it. Likewise there are many other venues and other experiences people have undergone to experience a similar catharsis and refinement of personality. However I have to say that for me right now riding motorcycle is simply and purely the most "right" thing for me to do that I know.

If nearly any friend of mine walked up to me and asked me if I wanted them to start riding motorcycle, I would look them square in the eye and tell them absolutely not. In the same line of action though, if they still went through it, I would welcome them to the community with open arms as a fellow rider as others have done for me.

I am rambling on now, but if i had to leave with a message it would be if you want to be a rider, do it for you and not a single other person.



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Good Gravy I seriously need to get a routine down so I don't have these seemingly huge chunks in between my post.

So here is the quick quick version of whats going on in my life.

*In two weeks I'll be putting in my one month resignation where I currently work
*After much hard work this past weekend I managed to receive my motorcycle endorsement
*on the same note I also purchased my first bike, I'll be putting up a picture of my girl soon.
*I completely broke my bank account for a bit to do the above, but it was so so worth it.(and yes I have proper gear)
*unrelated to bike I have a new g/f officially now. Her name is Chrystal, she is a sweetheart. (for those wondering, It's a poly arrangement)
*My birthday went fantastic earlier thanks to many wonderful friends and Family.
*I updated the firmware on my phone to 3.0.

I think this summarizes my life pretty quickly and well. A few upcoming points
*Might have a performance in august doing a voudeville type thing
*another potential performance at Pagan Pride
*potentially working at Mich Ren Fest this year(hopefully).
*I have two hopeful places to crash during my interim before leaving mid-october. This is good.
*I need to downsize my stuff substantially, people who wish to help contact me.

Thats all for now folks. Maybe I'll quit being lazy soon and actually post something beyond just quick quick summaries.

BTW this is my new bike. <3

Thats all for now

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Well I figured I ought to get another post out on here before I head out on my trip.

For those who don't know I am going to be going to the House Kheperu open house (AKA: Gather). I have to say I am rather looking forward to a trip. There are a number of those who I consider some of my closest friends who attend and it will be very nice to see them.

I'll be traveling with [personal profile] sable_twilight  with me driving. For those who are wanting to attend and want to carpool or haven't made arrangements let me know. I can take up to 2 more people down with me. I have a rather nice sized trunk so it shouldn't be too cramped either.

I think that covers things pretty well when it comes to the Gather.

For those following the whole thing with K, things are going well :). Not a ton of details, just a lot more stabilized in my emotions for her, and feeling more balanced overall. Though I must stay I am still rather quite head over heels for her.

One final note for the sake of record. I am going to be getting trained in motorcycle riding and getting my endorsement in July. I am also trying to gather gear and also want to get my hands on a bike. Any of you out there got some spare armor/bike/etc?

Well anyway I going to get back to work :)


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