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In the past few months since around November I've been taking classes with a group called Aegis Consulting. The class itself is a presentation of the tactics and considerations to take both within a combat/fight environment as well as how it practically applies to every day life. 

In this past class the topic came up about the importance of having a goal in life. This then traveled into how and why a life goal is rather crucial to having a successful life. 

Ever since this I've been heavily considering where it is that I want to direct my life, and really what it is that I want to achieve. At this point I've made many attempts at various different arts to certain degrees of success. Then there comes up as well the varying decisions of careers. Simply put though this can all be summarized as me fumbling around with a vague concept/s but no actual decision or direction. 

At least for this particular moment I am wanting to make a more concrete definition of where it is I want my life to go, and what I want to do with it for that matter. Unfortunately this is no mean task and I've certainly had my work cut out for me. 

So far for what it's worth I seem to have an overarching theme connecting most if not all the actions I've taken in my life on a grand scale. In a very vague sense and also misusing of the term I am looking for independence. Unfortunately the term is still too broad to really touch what it is that I want to accomplish.

The truth is I am rather fond of utilities, internet, etc etc. So I am not too interested in going off the grid completely.  I like the idea of fresh food and living in my own corner of the world, but frankly I don't think I want to be spending all my time harvesting crops/repairing buildings/etc.

If I had to emphasis what I am thinking about it would be that I want to be financially at a point of not having to worry about money, period. On top of that I want to have the time to pursue improving myself. I'll figure out what to do from there, but right now thats where I want to get at. I don't necessarily think it will make me happy, but it will at least give me something to achieve and I do think it will improve how i feel about my current situation. 

Either way it's time for me to get heading to bed, but I did want to at least get this written down. As a quick aside as for the title I am currently fighting off what appears to be the flu >_>.

Thanks for reading


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