Nov. 2nd, 2009 12:11 pm
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I'm alive

My trip has been postponed indefinitely for a variety of reasons.
  •     G/F
  •     Lack of Funds
  •     Unfortunate family problems
  •     I am overall needed here right now

I am going to be starting up classes in january if all goes well for massage therapy. It will be a 16 week course and I'll be coming out with a certification that will allow me to practice legally in michigan.

I am hosting an energy work class/workshop/cuddlepile at my apartment monthly. When there are enough people we may start rotating the group so that different people don't have to drive so far every time. If you would like to attend please contact me for details.

Please if you don't see me post here more regularly, feel free to poke at me, as I often have just been forgetting.

TTYAL and awesome if your still reading this ;)

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Well I must say this has been quite the eventful past week.

I met someone, Fell in love, Nearly learned how to fly, Got a new toothbrush, was loved back in super amazing ways....

Oh and lexie has a girlfriend now *giggle*

I have to say I am still quite glowing and happy. Yeah life has been a bit "egh" here and there(mostly with finances and work). But I have to say this is the happiest most content I have felt in quite a while.

So my gushyness aside an update on some of the other mundane things happening.

My mom is out of the hospital and is fast recovering. She seems to be doing better now in fact than she has been in a good while. So this is a plus.

I seem to be the only person (other than Xandi) who has not gotten this horrible evil death plague that is rocking the country right now.  This is in addition to the fact that I've been pushing my body quite a lot as of late, not treating it the best nutrition wise, and have not been getting enough sleep. All I got to say on that is thank you powers that be for saving my ass.

Oh and speaking of health stuff I've been losing weight lately. It mostly seems caused from me not getting enough calories in my diet, but I hope to be impriving that soon. Ironic that most people are gaining weight this time of year.

Anyway work is being absolutely crazy so I must run now.

Happy days


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