Mar. 3rd, 2011 04:11 pm
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So this all in all is pretty surreal. A year after it's first release I now own an iPad. On top of that the interface is extremely smooth and I'm able to actually conveniently access LJ. This more likely than not means I may start updating substantially more often. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see these posts continue with the shortened output. I would also begging to expect more media related posts including videos and pictures. For now though I am going to get my butt back to work. Catch up with you all later.


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Pissy day

Feb. 9th, 2009 09:55 am
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You know I have to say all in all I am feeling rather substantially pissy with how this day is going.


I want a fucking do-over.

On todays list of piss:
*looks like I am going to have to fight for getting all of convo
*my apartment has no hot water
*my cars wheel is about to fall off, and every person who has offered to help fix it either flaked, forgot, or got too busy
*it's looking like my job security is once again being called into question

Overall I am feeling rather frustrated and just angry. Woe is the person who is the last straw. *bites head off said person *

I must go
~Alexa EDIT: Ok so things not quite as bad as they were looking to turn out. Car is in the shop being worked on(I hope). Job is secure-ish but looking at having to make some rather non-fun changes in my schedule to make things more secure. I'll be able to do convo, but I am going to have to miss opening ritual(... again). But I'll be able to attend friday and the rest of the weekend without worry. This is a major improvement over last year. If I am luck I -might- be able to arrange being there for opening rit... but its not looking the best. So um... Yeah, things are a bit better, but not solved just yet. Peace EDIT EDIT: Holy crap I just double checked the convo schedule. There is actually a semblance of a chance that I could make opening rit!!! O_O WOOT! *poof*

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(this post written on my I-phone in morning. Editing to hopefully come later)

So life has taken a completely new track as of late, and to be honest I can't complain ^_~.

For starters on this past Saturday I met a girl in one of the most spontaneous methods I have done in years. It involved a store, a toothbrush and spontaneous attempts to fly through the air (marks to prove it too).

Either way this girl utterly rocks my socks in some profound ways. There is a level of comparability that I haven't felt in a few years.

There is much more to come in regards to her, but I need to keep this post brief.

In fact I need to run now.
I Shall be back ^_~

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